Apr 6, 2012

Pulsar 200NS: India's Best Looking Naked Sports Bike? [Hi-Res Photos]

It has been really heartening to see that even hardcore "Pulsar" haters couldn't stop themselves from praising the new Pulsar.

 Apart from going gaga over its features like the "Liquid cooled, 4 Valve engine and "Perimeter Frame", nearly everyone has been impressed with the styling of the new Pulsar 200NS. So is the new Pulsar 200NS currently the "Best Styled Naked Sports Bike in India"?

Surprisingly, I was one of those very few individuals who at first glance of the new Pulsar 200NS did not go WOW..!! I really don't know why. Maybe after seeing the signature Pulsar tank for 10 years, the latest avatar was too radical for me. But I have to say that the new design is growing on me and the more I look at it in photos, the more it has started to impress.

 Evolution or Revolution?

The Yamaha FZ was the first real challenge to the dominance of the Pulsar when it came to naked sports bikes in India. When Yamaha launched the FZ (16) in 2008, it made every other naked sports motorcycle in India look a generation older including the Pulsars. Minor styling upgrades did help the Pulsar retain its handsome lines/proportions which still appealed to a large section of bikers. Nevertheless it was clear that the Yamaha FZ was now becoming the choice of the new generation.


 The next gen Pulsar therefore had a thin line to tread. On one hand it had to be designed a notch above the Yamaha FZ and on the other hand it had to carry over the lines/proportions of the Pulsar which we have been used to seeing on our roads for a decade now.

From what has been unveiled on Jan 30, it seems that the designers at Bajaj Auto has pulled it off. The side panels, tail section and the way in which the rider's seat merges with the tank reminds one of the signature Pulsar styling. The twin strip LED Tail lamps makes sure that the new bike still doesn't get mistaken for anything elase but a Pulsar. The rear number plate holder has been carried over from the Pulsar 135LS.

The tank is the biggest change here. The orginal shape has been replaced with a sharper looking tank that extends right down to the radiator shroud.
Design Details: "God is in the details"

Apart from the puffed up body panels, the FZ had wonderful design details which really made it stand apart in the crowd. Well, at least till the Pulsar 200NS was unveiled on Jan 30.

A closer look at the Pulsar 200NS reveals the attention to details that has been showered while designing even minute details. The headlamp of the Pulsar 200NS is a detailed design job. The curve, creases, cuts, slashes and layers on the headlamp is mind blowing. The way the pilot lamps are positioned at the bottom of the headlamp is pure evil.

A few nit-pickers are crying foul (don't know why?) that the headlamp looks inspired ("copied" according to them) from the Honda CBR1000R. Well, it does look similar but I don't care, in fact the headlamp on the Pulsar 200NS has been better executed than the CBR1000R.

Even the perimeter frame of the Pulsar 200NS also has not spared the designer's touch, it has been thoughtfully scooped and scraped and gels well with the rest of the body.

Other small details like the footpegs, the half chain cover, the petal shaped disc brakes, the new design alloy wheels and the radiator shroud (not a decoy but an actual working radiator) looks like have been sculpted by an artist and not just put together in a factory. Even the screws and allen bolts add a touch of mechanical class to the overall package.

So is the new Pulsar 200NS currently the Best styled naked sports bike in India? I certainly think so. All that is left is to have a look at it in the flesh.

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